Rates and Insurance

Healthcare costs can be confusing and sometimes mystifying, especially when insurance is involved. We believe that clients have the right to transparency, and should feel comfortable bringing up questions about costs with providers. Please look over the information below, and do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.

Out of Pocket:

If you're interested in receiving therapy and are looking for the most affordable rates, consider paying out of pocket at our rate of $165 per session for individuals, and $200 per session for couples, or family sessions.

Insurance Coverage:

Seattle Wellness Center accepts an array of insurance providers to help patients cover their healthcare needs: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Following Associates:
  • Premera
  • Regence
  • Heritage
  • Heritage and Dental Choice
  • Heritage NOW
  • Heritage Prime
  • Heritage Signature
  • Heritage Signature and Dental Choice
  • Individual Signature
  • LifeWise Assurance Co.
  • LifeWise Health Plan of Washington Preferred
  • LifeWise Primary
  • Optum

    If your provider is not listed above as in-network for your plan, your insurance company may still reimburse you for a portion of our fee as out-of-network care. We cannot guarantee that your specific insurance plan will reimburse you for our therapy sessions. We recommend that you consult your insurance benefits packet and call your insurance company to verify whether out-of-network reimbursement is a possibility.

Insurance Verification Procedure

  1. Sign up/ schedule initial appointment to put a hold on a date and time

  2. Our support staff then reaches out to verify insurance

  3. Support staff calls patient back to tell them the official rate with insurance

  4. Patient decides to go with or without insurance

  5. Appointment is officially confirmed for date and time previously discussed

Cancelation Policy

Canceling or rescheduling an appointment within 24 hours of that appointment will result in a $50 cancelation/rescheduling fee. Canceling or rescheduling an appointment prior to the 24-hour window will waive the cancelation fee. Please contact us if you have any questions about our cancelation policy.