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If you're interested in receiving therapy and are looking for the most affordable rates, consider paying out of pocket at our introductory rate of $185 per session for individuals$220 per session for couples, and family sessions.

Seattle Wellness Center accepts an array of insurance providers to help patients cover their healthcare needs. 

Seattle Wellness Center does not provide medication management, only counseling. If you require medication management please contact your psychiatrist.

Our Therapy Techniques and Approaches:

Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Therapy

Assist a person to discover unconscious meanings and motivations in their feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

Behavior Therapy

Emphasizes what a person learns leads to what s/he does in both normal and abnormal behavior. A best practice standard is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy which blends the impact of both thought and behavior.

Cognitive Therapy

Focuses on what a person thinks and how changing one’s thoughts can positively impact how a person feels thereby leading to improvement.

Integrative or Holistic Therapy

Is a blend of proven approaches tailored to the person’s individual needs.

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